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    • 空间续费,加上ssl连接。。

      2018-11-22 01:04

    • 12.10.xC6出来时候碰到"Could not determine encryption mode from page zero",竟果然是BUG!

      2015-12-21 20:15

    • 空间已经转移到新加坡,希望会好一些。

      2015-11-16 14:34

    • 增加新域名,与liaosnet.com同指向。

      2015-10-09 15:25

    • 空间迁移到香港。或许速度会快一点。。

      2014-02-13 20:10

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    操作系统:RHEL 6U4 64bit CSDK版本:CSDK 4.10.FC4 OAT版本:oat 3.15.1_020915 文章 连接到informix数据库 - PHP 方式 ,介绍了如何将pdo_informix集成到php上。而informix oat所需要的组件也就就完整了(操作系统自带apache,php集成pdo_informix,当然需要的其它包需另外安装)。 通过service httpd start启动apache,通过phpinfo信息可以确认pdo_informix已经集成。 整个环境即算完成 ...


       posted by 暗夜星空 at 16:51 PM on Dec 10 , 2015 Write a COMMENT
    Abstract This article describes Informix noncommercial Post Interim Drop (PID) and Patch release Fix Packs, and their testing and maintenance status. Content Introduction An Informix noncommercial release Fix Pack in Fix Central is an interim solution to one or more reported product defects. A...


       posted by 暗夜星空 at 13:14 PM on Dec 8 , 2015 Write a COMMENT
    Server changes Support for additional platforms Server changes that affect migration Administration Multitenancy Limit shared memory and connections for tenant databases Restore tenant databases to a point in time ...


       posted by 暗夜星空 at 10:25 AM on Dec 7 , 2015 Write a COMMENT
    当前操作系统环境:RHEL 6U4 64bit 安装GCC 数据库版本:Informix 12.10.FC4, CSDK 4.10.FC4 所需要的软件包(包括但不仅限于以下): php-5.3.3-22.el6.x86_64 php-devel-5.3.3-22.el6.x86_64 注:该包位于DVD2上 PDO_INFORMIX 下载地址: 使用root用户权限,并包含以下环境变量 INFORMIXDIR=/home/informix INFORMIXSERVER=db31 O...


       posted by 暗夜星空 at 12:35 PM on Dec 2 , 2015 Write a COMMENT
    数据库出现页错误,不得以进行整库恢复,但恢复的时候报错 2015-11-26 01:19:39 9699838 8978918 /export/home/informix/bin/onbar_d -r -w 2015-11-26 01:19:39 9699838 8978918 Working with veritas-netbackup as generic storage manager. 2015-11-26 01:19:39 9699838 8978918 Successfully connected to Storage Manager. 2015-11-26 ...


       posted by 暗夜星空 at 17:02 PM on Dec 1 , 2015 Write a COMMENT
    当前操作系统环境:RHEL 6U4 64bit 安装GCC 数据库版本:Informix 12.10.FC4, CSDK 4.10.FC4 所需要的软件包(包括但不仅限于以下): perl-5.10.1 perl-DBI-1.609 perl-Test-Pod.noarch perl-Test-Pod-Coverage.noarch DBD-informix 下载地址: 使用root用户权限,并包含以下环境变量 INFORMIXDIR=/home/inform...


       posted by 暗夜星空 at 16:28 PM on Dec 1 , 2015 Write a COMMENT
    操作系统:RHEL 6U4 64bit 安装GCC 数据库版本:Informix 12.10.FC4 数据库连接工具版本:CSDK 4.10.FC4 所需要的软件包: 确认Python 2.6.6 及python-devel 2.6.6 已经安装 InformixDB Python API 2.50 下载地址: 设置环境变量及sqlhosts(内容指向访问数据库) .bash_profile INFORMIXDIR=/home/informix INFORMIXSERVER=db31 LD_LIB...


       posted by 暗夜星空 at 16:05 PM on Dec 1 , 2015 Write a COMMENT
    版本支持:informix 11.70及以上版本,且sysadmin库存在 示例:在sysadmin库中执行: -- 设置chunk编号为3的chunk可以扩展; EXECUTE FUNCTION task("modify chunk extendable", 3); -- 扩展chunk编号为3的chunk,增加2002000KB; 注:是增加,而不是扩展后的大小 EXECUTE FUNCTION task("modify chunk extend", 3, "2002000 KB"); -- 关闭chunk编号为3的chunk扩展功能。 EXECUTE FUNCTION ...


       posted by 暗夜星空 at 11:00 AM on Nov 23 , 2015 Write a COMMENT
    What's new in IBM Informix version 12.10.xC5 Migration Server changes Rolling upgrades for high-availability clusters Installation Support for Java 7 ...


       posted by 暗夜星空 at 10:55 AM on Nov 23 , 2015 Write a COMMENT
    Whenever the database server is blocked, onstat displays the following line after the banner line: Blocked: reason The variable reason can take one of the following values. Reason Description CKPT Checkpoint ...


       posted by 暗夜星空 at 16:55 PM on Nov 20 , 2015 Write a COMMENT